Chamberlain Group, the parent company to LiftMaster, myQ, and Chamberlain, is a global leader in intelligent access. Their innovative products and intuitive software solutions are part of a myQ ecosystem that delivers seamless, secure access to people’s homes, communities, and businesses.


In the current year, a valuable partnership has been forged with Chamberlain. We extended an invitation for a comprehensive visit to Ione, CA, encompassing a group meeting, brunch, wine tasting, software training, and a guided tour of our facility. This visit not only provided an opportunity for us to become acquainted with the individuals representing Chamberlain, but also enabled us to introduce them to our team and our environs. Moreover, it served as an occasion to gain in-depth insights into the functionalities and advantages offered by the myQ Software

By adding Chamberlain’s products to the SBH inventory, we can expand our range of hardware and software. This partnership enables us to offer a variety of options for multifamily homes, commercial, single-family homes, and gated communities, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and service quality.
Learn more about our time with the Chamberlain team by watching this short video:


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