South Bay Hardware is excited to announce our new partnership with iLoq, a leading provider of digital locking and access control solutions!
As a hardware supplier, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve our clients’ security and access control needs. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with iLoq, whose state-of-the-art solutions are revolutionizing the industry.
iLoq is the global leader in locking hardware, and currently has more than 10 million locks in use worldwide! First and foremost, iLoq products are highly secure, with advanced encryption and authentication protocols that ensure only authorized individuals can access protected areas. With their battery-free and keyless solutions, an NFC-enabled cellphone acts as both a key, and a power source, eliminating security risks related to mechanical keys, and costs related to lithium batteries.

The iLOQ system eliminates the risks and expenses associated with lost, stolen, or unreturned mechanical keys, making it the most secure and cost-effective solution on the market.

Another key benefit of iLoq’s solutions is their ease of use. With a simple mobile app, users can easily manage access rights, grant temporary access, and monitor activity logs. This makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to implement and manage a secure access control system.
At South Bay Hardware, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible hardware solutions to meet their needs. With our new partnership with iLoq, we are confident that we can deliver the most advancedl locking and access control solutions on the market today.
We look forward to working closely with iLoq to bring their cutting-edge solutions to our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about iLoq’s solutions and how they can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!
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