Located in San Fransisco, CA, we feature THE FITZGERALD! Natural interiors. Quaint neighborhood charm. A lush rooftop terrace. Life at The Fitzgerald is nothing short of serene. With its artisan appeal, soft, inviting interiors and refined finishes, this urban retreat is the modern jewel of the Mission District.

At The Fitzgerald, each home has been meticulously designed to elevate everyday living for residents – including state of the art entry and exit strategies. We designed a full access control system for this beautiful apartment complex, to ensure a secure, modern approach to safe, luxurious living.

Sixty-Three (63) unit entries received Latch M2 door locks in a black finish. The iconic Latch Lens connects each device to the power of LatchOS. With a numeric display, back and enter buttons, and faster upgrade times, the improved Latch Lens used in the Latch M also uses 39% less plastic and produces 44% less e-waste than past devices for a more eco-conscious approach.

Ten (10) common areas received the Latch R Readers. The Latch R combines a reader, door controller, and management system into one simple product. The device directly connects to any electrified locking mechanism in addition to motion detectors and request to exit devices.

Latch R Series

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